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About Multiplan


With a strong interest in providing cross-platform systems, Multiplan is a keen proponent of Java solutions in both user interface and server software design. Integration with disparate systems can be provided using direct code interfaces, network communications and Web Services. The use of these technologies is clearly understood at Multiplan.

There is widespread use of Open Source software solutions in the market, and Multiplan is keen to make use of this pool of well-tested software in situations where the benefits are clear to see - in terms of functionality and reliability as well as in initial up-front cost savings. Particular examples of such software include Linux and Apache (naturally), but also other offerings such as JOnAS, JDOM and ANT.

To avoid the problems experienced in many instances with rigid 'waterfall' development techniques, Multiplan prefers to develop software projects using an 'agile' development technology. This brings together greatly-improved user requirements gathering stages and reliable, functional implementation, as well as allowing for delivery deadlines to be agreed and subsequently met. Examples of these methodologies included DSDM and XP.


Multiplan was founded in 1990 by John and Christine Rutter to offer specialist technology and consultancy services.

Initial engagements centred around the provision of software development services in the networking and communications sector. Expertise then expanded into the areas of financial systems, often concentrating on integration projects to link up front- and back-office systems with networked data sources and straight-through processing gateways.

Later diversification included the development of networked systems utilising the Internet and mobile communications to meet the needs of corporate customers.

With proven strengths and experience in producing robust, reliable and performant solutions, the company is able to turn to other industry sectors and apply these same skills to meet new challenges and demands.

An understanding of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry was utilised in development of a software product that was required to meet the requirements of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations for electronic records and electronic signatures.


Multiplan has a number of partnership agreements with other companies that can be used to bring in additional expertise, products or services where applicable for particular customer engagements.

Company Status

Multiplan Consultants is a Limited Company registered in England.
Company Registration Number 2556566.