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Technical Analysis

Multiplan can provide independent analysis that are capable of investigating or reviewing your existing systems, or future development plans. The results of this analysis may be a simple report, or a full investigation into benefits and disadvantages, competitive alternatives or technical strengths and weaknesses.

This form of technical due diligence may be performed against projects that may be planned for internal implementation by your company, or as a review of a proposal put forward by an external supplier. In all cases, an unbiased viewpoint can prove to be very beneficial before a business proposal is put into action.

Alternatively, you may have a need for business analysis and requirements gathering at an early stage of project definition. In this case, the experience offered by staff from Multiplan may be more cost-effective than hiring permanent staff for what may be a short-term, temporary role.

An additional need for external analysis can be in the investigation of your intellectual property and the benefits - or potential problems - arising from trade mark, design and patent protection. Multiplan are familiar with the issues of I.P. protection and can provide initial investigations and advice before you attract the expensive costs attributed to patent lawyers and attornees. We can also assist in any process of registration of trade marks or designs and transfer the relevant knowledge to your own in-house staff for future activities of this type.