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Software Development

Multiplan has a core strength in the production of reliable and robust software that is designed to meet customer requirements. Development resources may be provided in the form of on-site technical staff, or software projects may be entirely outsourced for implementation by Multiplan Consultants.

For outsourced projects, the contract between the organisations may be defined such that the Intellectual Property of the software passes to the customer upon completion. For software I.P. that remains the property of Multiplan, a licensing agreement is entered into. If required, the software documentation and sources may all be lodged with a trusted third party against an Escrow agreement. This provides further protection for you as a customer.

The preferred method for software development projects is to use a form of 'Agile Development' methodology, as this has benefits to both provider and customer in keeping to working deadlines and agreed functionality. The intention being that 'The Right System is Built' and that it is 'Built The Right Way'.

The software development process comprises analysis, design, implementation and testing. Any or all of these stages may be handled by Multiplan Consultants, with documentation in formal or informal structures. UML (Unified Modelling Language) is the preferred design and development documentation style used by the company.

The actual programming languages used should not be of primary concern, although Multiplan has greatest experience in development using both C++ and Java as object-oriented languages, for projects that encompass user interfaces and back-end server processes. Cross-platform solutions are developed using either of these languages, according to the requirements of any particular project.