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Multiplan is a small company with a large amount of amassed technical and managerial experience. Particular strengths lie in real-time software development on various operating systems and using many different programming languages and environments, including C++, Java, J2EE and web technologies.

The types of technical services offered by Multiplan range from consultative opportunities through to bespoke software development tasks. A broad range of experience in using both old and new technologies can be used to achieve solutions within all manner of customer-defined constraints.

If you have any need for outside assistance in areas of technical expertise, then you will find that Multiplan Consultants can offer that help in a cost-effective manner, with rapid and reliable results. This may be provided as an on-site analyst, or as an outsourced or sub-contracted project, working alone or with other organisations as you need.

Consultancy engagements may be considered for many different requirements, such as training, expert assistance, product evaluations, technical due diligence, product development, intellectual property (I.P.) audits, project management, system architecture and design activities.