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Technical Papers


An area in which some technical establishments may fall short is in the production of documents and paperwork to support the coding activities of a software development environment. Multiplan always provides suitable documentation for all activities that are undertaken, whether this is consultancy, analysis or development. These documents will form part of the deliverables for any engagement and will be specified in your contract as part of the work to be done.

Document Authorship

If you require documentation to be provided for an existing system that you have purchased or developed in-house, then Multiplan can offer services of technical authorship. This may include review of existing documents or software, as well as production of new sets of documents to meet your own standards of content and layout.

This service can be very useful for companies that are approaching an external audit, if any deficiencies have been identified in your own internal quality audit processes. 'Filling in the gaps' serves to not only meet the needs of the audit, but should also improve your own business operation in having a complete operational system that can be used by others, reducing ongoing costs for training and support.

Document Services

From time-to-time, Multiplan produce more general documents that can help within a company environment. Some documents of this nature are provided for free download from this site, as listed below.

If you require documents of a similar nature to explain particular topics, then contact Multiplan with your needs, or your issue of particular interest, and we will be happy to produce documentation to explain those topics.

Free Documents

The following technical notes have been written to assist companies with their use and understanding of technology. These documents are provided here in Adobe Acrobat form for reference to all (subject to copyright terms).

  •   What is an ISP?
    This was produced for an external company that wanted an overview document that explained the basics relating to the business of an Internet Service Provider for a non-technical audience.
  •   Internet Domain Names
    This document was written to draw attention to the many potential problems or 'gotchas' associated with the purchase and use of Internet domain names, drawing attention to scams such as renewal requests from service providers and requests for inclusion on paid-for directories.