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In addition to being an independent consultancy, Multiplan is also a software development company with experience in writing products for use in Windows, Linux and UNIX environments.

The majority of developments performed by the company have been in the guise of sub-contract work for external customers, for which Multiplan would be pleased to offer further services upon request.

Development activity has focused on the use of open source products, such as those at sourceforge.net and ObjectWeb. This software is generally made available under the terms of the 'LGPL' or 'GPL' Gnu Public Licenses (see www.gnu.org for definitions).

This site has provided a freely available download of the source and binary distribution of the JavaService utility. This open source software allows a Java program to be registered as a Windows NT Service for automatic background execution on Windows systems.

The JavaService utility has now been accepted by the ObjectWeb consortium as an open source project available from that site.