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JavaService Utility

NT Services

Windows NT (and it's successors Windows 2000 and Windows XP) support the execution of background processes as services. Examples of services include FTP Servers, Web Servers, DNS Controllers and many other system components. All of these can be started automatically when your system starts up, without the need to log in and run the application directly. Some services may be configured to only start on demand, but they can still continue to run in the background even after the user has logged off. On Linux and Unix systems, these are the equivalent of daemon processes.

It is generally a requirement that any server-type process, such as a Database, Web Container or J2EE Application Server, should be run automatically when the system starts up. In that way, it can service requests from users and other processes, which is usually the sole purpose of such application software. For Linux and Unix, background processes of this sort can easily be defined using scripts that run on system startup. For Windows NT systems, a further level of software is required.

Java-based Services

A number of alternative solutions are available for the execution of Java-based applications as Windows Services. Experience of these has shown a number of limitations or restrictions. For instance, some versions show problems with processes being aborted when a console user logs out. This has been shown to be a problem with particular versions of the Java run-time, but work-rounds are available. Other solutions depend on a single type of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and this may not keep track with the latest available versions and specifications.

JavaService is an Open Source solution that has been developed and made available by Alexandria Software Consulting (www.alexandriasc.com) according to the terms of a BSD-style licence.
Although the JavaService has been widely used, there has been no further development by Alexandria since V1.2.0 and the web site referenced above is no longer reachable. This link will remain for a while longer, in case the site does become reinstated.

Multiplan Updates

Since using this software to run both Orion (www.orionserver.com) and JBoss (www.jboss.org) J2EE application server software, Multiplan have incorporated a number of enhancements to this software utility.

Updated copies of the source have been sent to Alexandria SC, but there have been no further updates from that company. This does not imply any acceptance or responsibility for Alexandria to use or support these changes.


Multiplan are pleased to announce that the ObjectWeb College of Architects have accepted the submission of JavaService to be hosted as an open source project by the ObjectWeb Consortium. Following this, the software now has a project site at http://javaservice.objectweb.org so that it has a permanent home for the future. Multiplan Consultants are still directly involved with the maintenance and further development of this software project, through the involvement of John Rutter as the current project administrator.

Software Downloads

Following the move to the ObjectWeb source forge, both source and binary distributions are now to be downloaded from the JavaService download page within GForge. The download facility from the ObjectWeb forge contains all major releases of the JavaService package, from the final Alexandria version through the interum Multiplan updates. Naturally, all future releases will be packaged and made available from the ObjectWeb site.


Copies of the V1.2.x JavaService documentation can be viewed from this web site. (Note that this will be displayed in a new browser window).

New documentation will be provided from the JavaService project site as updated versions are developed.


A further benefit of moving the software to the ObjectWeb site is that the many support mechanisms of the Open Source GForge environment are available to all users of JavaServive. This includes a bug tracking facility, a mailing list and a discussion forum for possible problems or feature requests, as well as a CVS repository that allows source files to be easily viewed and downloaded.

If you have any problems at all with the JavaService software, you are recommended to go to the ObjectWeb source forge site to use the facilities available there.

Please note that support is not officially provided for this software, which is provided on entirely on an 'as is' basis according to the terms of the associated licences.

A Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, document is included with the software documentation, which contains a number of pointers that may help to resolve any problems that you experience.

Multiplan can enter into a formal support agreement to test and maintain the JavaService software to your particular requirements. If you require a commercial agreement of this sort, simply contact the company and specify the intended use of the software and your expected needs for support. Support packages may be defined to set up and verify a particular software configuration to meet your requirements.